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Hi there, thanks for visiting. 
I am an artist located in the beautiful Macedon Ranges, Victoria, Australia.  
My work can be seen at Art on Piper, 44 Piper Street, Kyneton.  You can also visit my studio in Lancefieldby appointment.
I run art classes in my studio during the school term. 
Term 3 - I currently have places available in my beginners fundamentals Class on Wednesday at 10am.  Covering Tone, Colour & Composition $40 per class.  Contact me for more info.


My artistic journey started sitting in my grandfather’s garage watching him paint wonderful oil paint scenes. He encouraged, taught, and inspired me.
I grew up in Central QLD on a large farm, I was always creative and explored fashion design, drawing and photography throughout high school.  But it was only when I discovered pastels in my early 20’s that I found my way of expression how I see the world.   I could capture the colours and light of the world around me.  Pastels are fun, fast and vibrant.
Moving to central Victoria in 2020 has reconnected me with the Australian countryside. The landscape is breathtaking with birds and animal life everywhere. I have been drawn to paint with oils, I enjoy layering, creating textures and blending colours on the canvas.They have given me a new way to express myself and a different level of control over colour.  I love painting everything from tiny canvases 4x4” to very large works.
I am passionate about learning and challenging myself to grow.   My paintings are not a faithful portrayal of reality. Rather, they are my take on things. I love colour and light, this is the basis for all of my work. Discovering new techniques and developing my style is extremely important to me, I love modern Impressionism and paintings that portray a sense of movement, tonal depth, colour and freedom.
Painting is a lifetime pursuit filled with discovery and experimentation, a journey I am very happy to be on.  I invite you follow along and learn with me
Sharon xx

I only work from my own reference photos; I have an extensive collection of images from many trips over my life.
My process for oils and pastel are quite similar.  At the beginning of each painting, I like to complete a small tonal sketch and colour study, this gives me a great guide to refer to while working on the larger piece.  From this I can choose what colour I think will work as a wash and begin with an underpainting, this colour is an important choice for me as I like to leave some of this showing through in the final painting.  
I particularly love working in broader strokes and building layers quickly alla prima to give my work a more painterly appearance.
Some of my work features strong outlines in places, I love how this adds drama to my work.  The colour of these lines can be from an earlier underpainting or from strokes added along the way depending on the scene and mood.  
Exploring my local area in many cases is where my inspiration comes from, simply by being out in nature.  The wonderful discovery of a new interesting collection of rocks and trees is what I look forward to every week.
Sometimes I can be driving along and I catch a glimpse of something that gets me thinking, creating a painting from imagined and reality combined.  My daughter gets frustrated with me stopping the car as we are driving to take quick reference photos (it happens quite a lot..)
A love of colour and nature inspires my work, I like to see how colours play together to create beautiful paintings.  I often try a new colour combination for fun.
Trees are particularly interesting for me; I love their character and strength.  When you combine them with the wonderful granite boulders and fluffy clouds they become magical.


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